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Bay Area Figurative Painting's Evolution: Artist Ursula O'Farrell Lands in Seattle

'Vista Del Mar' by Artist Ursula O`Farrell. All rights reserved.
'Vista Del Mar' by Artist Ursula O`Farrell. All rights reserved.

California artist Ursula O’Farrell is showing her latest exhibition ‘Emotion In Motion’ at the Patricia Rovzar Gallery. The exhibition runs from March 1-25th. The show’s opening reception is being held on this month’s First Thursday Art Walk March 1st, from 6-8pm, with the artist in attendance.

O’Farrell’s work evokes the spirit of the California Bay Area Figurative Movement, which found its stride in the 1950’s with such artists as Elmer Bischoff, David Park and Richard Diebenkorn , but is its own unique beast. Her work, though obviously figurative and abstractionist in style, is an evolutionary step beyond abstractionist concerns of paint usage, medium essentials and ‘the process.’ Hers is the attempt to capture the inner workings, the very aura or soul of her subjects. Older works, such as Vista Del Mar (right), were much more solidly entrenched in ‘Figurative Abstraction.’  But newer works, such as Recital (seen below), push into far more murky and interpretational imagery. Both styles of work are beautifully and emotionally expressive. And that, above all, is O’Farrell’s hallmark. Emotion.

'Recital' by Artist Ursula O`Farrell. All rights reserved.
'Recital' by Artist Ursula O`Farrell. All rights reserved.

‘Emotion In Motion’ is being shown at the Patricia Rovzar Gallery in the heart of downtown Seattle. The gallery, established in 1992 is another of the city’s great galleries committed to making Seattle a home for artists and a city of art. It features monthly exhibition openings in conjunction with Seattle’s monthly First Thursday Art Walk. To view the gallery’s upcoming events click here.

The ‘Emotion In Motion’ exhibition would be a great place to start your Thursday night art party Seattle. Take the hint people.

Patricia Rovzar Gallery

1225 Second Avenue, Seattle, WA 98101
Monday – Sunday: 11:00am – 5:00pm