Couldn't have said it better myself
When I think of the dudes I know who purchase, worship, and collect vinyl, I think of dudes who have a serious knowledge of good music.

I think of old guys who have seen and heard it all. Dudes with stories about dime beers and loose women who’d screw up against the old jukebox. I don’t think of Disturbed fans.

What’s a Disturbed fan going to do with vinyl? I bet there isn’t one Disturbed fan who even owns a record player. But maybe I’m wrong.

This Record Store Day (April 21), Disturbed will release a definitive vinyl box-set called The Collection.

The five-album, six-disc offering includes the band’s entire full-length catalog and is pressed on 140-gram vinyl.

Disturbed are on hiatus at the present moment, which is actually better than them just straight-up splitting. A split might lead to a David Draiman solo album, which would effectively summon the four horsemen of the apocalypse.

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