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Grammy Nominated Musician, Katie Herzig Performs in Colorado

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Katie Herzig Performs At The Fox Theater February 29, 2012

Katie Herzig to Perform in Boulder, Colorado

Before her music was a regular fixture in movies, commercials, and prime television shows, like Basketball Wives, Pretty Little Liars, One Tree Hill, and Grey’s Anatomy, Katie Herzig was creating music in Boulder with the band Newcomers Home. “We all decided to get very flexible days jobs so we could pursue our music,” she reminisces.  Now, a solo artist with a Grammy nomination, Herzig is busy recording her own music and touring nationally.  On February 29, 2012, Herzig’s tour will meander through Colorado at the Fox Theater in Boulder.  She’s excited about the trip home.   “These shows are always a good mix of new fans and old ones. It definitely feels good.”

Herzig received her degree in broadcast journalism from the University of Colorado at Boulder, because she loves telling stories. Although she originally intended to film documentaries, Herzig has found a different way to talk about life, as she demonstrates through her most recent album, The Waking Sleep. She explains that, although deeper themes have always been present, prior records have been more relationship based.  For The Waking Sleep, she found herself with many questions about her identity and the state of the world, questions she saw reflected in the lives of people around her.  “I think people walk around with certain concerns about things and this record came from that place.”

Most TV watchers would know Katie Herzig’s music before they knew her name.  If you were to ask her, that is just the way she would prefer it.  “I don’t think I’m that interesting,” she says, “I’m bogged down by over thinking, self consciousness, worries, and stress.  While my music comes from that, it isn’t that.  I would rather people get to know my music before they got to know me.”  Herzig wants each of her listeners to have an individual experience, which seems to best describe her own evolving relationship with her work.  “I think as you grow older, the art you create grows with you.” While she always enjoys performing, “Wish You Well,” a song that gained a large amount of popularity from its appearance on Grey’s Anatomy, her favorite song, like her, is always changing.

To some, it seems her career is made up of one big break after the other but Herzig doesn’t see it that way.  “Nothing has been a great leap; it has all been very progressive.”  As for the future, she says it is one big question mark but, with a doubt, the mark musical.  “I just have to keep dreaming up more and more things to do to keep me happy.  I love creating music.”

See Katie Live Feb. 29th

Katie Herzig will be performing in Boulder, CO at the Fox Theater.  Doors open at 8:00. Advance ticket purchase is highly recommended.   For more information on Katie Herzig, including ticket purchases and The Waking Sleep, visit: