Gary "Give Me" Moore

The Telegraph is reporting that legendary guitarist Gary Moore suffered a heart attack brought on by a massive amount of alcohol, which he consumed prior to being found dead in his bed at a luxury Costa del Sol hotel a year ago.

We knew he had died of a heart attack, but these new details reveal what may have caused his ticker to implode.

Moore had 380 mg of alcohol per deciliter of blood in his system; I’m American, so I have no idea how much that is. Apparently, it was enough to put himself nearly five times over the the legal limit for drunk driving.

That amount was just short of the 416 mg pop singer Amy Winehouse had in her body when she died surrounded by three empty vodka bottles.

Damn, dude. This is why I don’t drink that much anymore. If I do drink, I won’t have more than two brews. I don’t drink to get drunk anymore. Just to be social.

Just be careful you, drunkards. That’s all I’m saying.

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