Dino from Fear Factory
Yes, sir. It’s as true as the fact that you’re genitals smell like muenster.

Candlelight Records will unleash Fear Factory’s new album on June 5.

Carrying the unfortunate title The Industrialist, the band produced the forthcoming record with Rhys Fulber of Front Line Assembly fame.

The album was mixed by Greg Reely and features additional tracking by Logan Mader. The rest of this post is essentially a press release, admittedly. What more is there to say? The title sucks, but the music will likely be awesome. We shall see, though. Great expectations often lead to Earth-shattering disappointments.

The Industrialist is a conceptual album that brings to life a story scripted by vocalist Burton C. Bell.

The album’s lyrics detail the plot of the original narrative while delivering Fear Factory’s massive signature sound.

Says Bell: “The album is a futuristic tale of an automaton, striving to survive by fighting for its existence within a desperate world. The lyrics tell the story while the music takes our industrial roots and blends them more perfectly than ever with our metal edge. And all without losing the sound that makes Fear Factory a machine of sonic devastation. Fear Factory fans of any era will not be disappointed.”

Fear Factory will be touring this spring with Shadows Fall, The Browning, The Devastated, and Legacy of Disorder.

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