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Grynch Releases New Album with Show at Neumos, Seattle, March 2nd

Seattle's Grynch Releases 'Perspective' March 2nd, 2012

Grynch is not new to music or anything that music entails and his new project Perspective is proof of that. The people are going to enjoy listening to this one.  Perspective has a little something for everyone’s style. The album features some Hip-Hop favorites: Brother Ali, Fatal Lucciauno, Sol, The Physics, Bambu, Shaprece, Thig Nat, and Mario & Malice Sweet. Excited yet? The official release date is Friday, March 2nd – however, he has already released three songs which can be found here.

You can hear his life flow through the music which provides you with a clear picture of his perspective. It’s a great album concept and a positive for the listeners to be able to connect with Grynch through real life spoken of through music. For example, one of the realest songs on the album is called ‘Drowning’ in which he explains over three verses his struggle with music, life, partying, and the balancing act to keep it all together:  “you’re selling yourself shorter than you already are…it’s like you forgot how to rap…edge is close so you needing that balance…to get you back into that zone instead of wasting your talent…”

My favorite song on the album is entitled ‘In the Rain’ which has an 80’s feel I’ve never heard from Grynch. The song features Mario & Malice Sweet who sprinkle their sweet soul rain (rain means talent y’all) all over this track, and is produced by D-Sane. What’s better than singing along to a song about making love in the rain?

Overall, you get thirteen tracks of straight life. Grynch covers love, life, family, frustration, infatuation, partying, regret, etc. He spent the last few years perfecting this music, and I am sure you will enjoy the fruits of his labor. His use of elite NW producers clearly lays out the framework for good music. Jake One, Budo, Trox, Crispy, and others all influence the quality and feel of this project.

Grynch was happy enough to answer a few questions about Perspective, life, and his Album Release Show:

April Swaine: Why did you chose the name Perspective?

Grynch: I called the album Perspective because I’m at a point in my life where I’m just trying to put a lot of things into perspective. It’s important to have a good perspective on things. I think a lot of times peoples’ perspectives get skewed and that’s when things tend to go downhill. Ultimately it’s about trying to be in a good place in life.

AS: What separates this from your previous releases?

Grynch: It’s definitely my most mature and my most personal record. It’s absolutely still me, but I just think it’s more grown. As it should be.

AS: Does the growing audience for Seattle hip-hop motivate you anyway when you make songs?

Grynch: Yes. It’s a really exciting time for Seattle Hip-Hop right now. I’m just grateful to be a part of it!

AS:I know you just toured with the Blue Scholars and Bambu for a month, do you have any plans to hit the road and work this record?

Grynch: Absolutely. Touring with them was a great experience on multiple levels and it let me know that I do have fans in other cities. It was a trip being so far from home and having people know my songs.

AS: Favorite spot to take a girl on a first date?

Grynch: I’ll let her find out on her own.

Thanks Grynch!

Please join Grynch for a great lineup this Friday, March 2nd at Neumos for his Album Release Party and look for his album Perspective available for download on iTunes.

Grynch’s Perspective Album Release Party featuring Grynch, The Bar (Prometheus Brown of Blue Scholars & Bambu), Chev, DJ Swervewon, and Hosted by Wizdom.

Doors at 8pm
$10 ADV
All Ages, Bar with ID

Get tickets here