The Lumineers, Photo by Andrew Kelly
The Lumineers, Photo by Andrew Kelly

Not many bands sell out a venue capable of holding 650 people before their debut album even drops.  The Lumineers have done just that; first selling out The Tractor Tavern, resulting in the show being moved to Neumos and again, unsurprisingly, selling out. So, it’s safe to say that if you haven’t heard of The Lumineers, it’s inevitable that you will. To have a city THIS excited about a band says something important about the quality of their music, and by sampling just their current video for ‘Flowers in your Hair’ you will get a taste of why people are so excited about this little band from Colorado. Maybe it’s that rocky mountain air they have flowing through their lungs, but The Lumineers are really something special.

The sound that seems to be catching the hearts of Seattlites is a far cry from grandfather grunge. Upbeat folk has taken us by the hands and led us to dance in the drizzle. The Lumineers exemplify this genre; they make music that is reminiscent of Seattle’s golden children, The Head and The Heart, and then add a touch of southern twang. With lyrics like in ‘Stubborn Love’ where lead singer Wesley Keith instructs the listener: “Keep your head up, keep your love,” they radiate a light of hope into whatever bleakness is around. With every song, rather than getting grounded in the muck that life may throw our way, you’ll find your toes start tapping and your heart thawing out after a dark, cold, winter. It’s seemingly impossible not to feel optimistic when listening to this group of musicians, an outlook that seems to be catching on in the music world. And in the case of The Lumineers and their sold out show, it’s evident that Seattle has gotten caught up in a good feeling.

The Lumineers have a spring tour planned, dates can be found here. And while you may have missed your chance to see them at their sold out Seattle show, taking place at Neumos Saturday, March 31st, there’s still hope for you. Announced yesterday, The Lumineers will offer a FREE in-store performance to those who are among the first to pre-order their debut album, available to the masses April 3rd. For more information, please go here.

This band is perfectly posed to be something great, and in the process will quite possibly do something great to rejuvenate your soul.

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