You know, I often find myself wondering, “What’s going on with Tim Yeung these days?”

That’s a complete lie, actually. But now that I know Tim has a new Web site, I may be more inclined to keep up with the drummer who will forever be known as the dude who played on the shitty Morbid Angel record.

Yes, folks — Tim Yeung has a Web site. Go check it out, and tell Tim who fucking sent your ass.

“I am very exited about this new site, as well as some new exiting projects that I currently have in the works,” says Tim. “Don’t worry, they will be announced soon.”

OK, good. ‘Cause I was momentarily worried there.

“I wanted to let everyone know that I am currently available for private drum lessons within the Los Angeles area, as well as offering studio work throughout this year within my touring schedule. I can also do lessons while I am on the road.”

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