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Readers’ Bands: Meet Collider


We get emails all the live long fucking day from people pitching us this band and that band, and we do what we can to check out every band that comes our way.

When our own readers write us about their bands, we always check them out. So, it got us thinking that maybe we should start a new segment called “Readers’ Bands.”

The first band to get mention on the site is called Collider, and they hail from Ottawa, Canada.

If you like doom-laden sludge metal with infectious riffs and ominous vocals, check them out here.

They kind of remind me of what Mastodon used to sound like, before they went all major label on us.

Ethan from Collider, who plays drums, wrote to us, saying “First off, I really like what you are doing with GunShyAssassin,” and that he’s a regular reader.

“I’m writing you to basically knock on your door and introduce you to the band I play drums in. We are 4 piece sludge metal band…If you do dig the tunes, feel free to do whatever you see fit (maybe a review?!).”

I’ll do you better: Your our inaugural “Readers‘ Band” profile. That cool?