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Morgan Lipe and Kevin Sur of Artist Home, the local company that produces Doe Bay Fest and the Summer Bonfire Series, noticed that there are few opportunities for young parents to take their families to shows featuring great bands that they themselves love. They are filling that void with the “Family Friendly Matinee” Saturday afternoon concert series at the Q Café, a nonprofit coffee shop and music venue just south of the Ballard Bridge. Designed to help parents share their love of live music with their kids, the monthly concerts begin at 5 pm and finish by 8 pm. The cover is only $8, and children under 10 get in free.

In the second installment of the series, Youth Rescue Mission proves that music really is a family affair. Sister Hannah and brothers Luke, Daniel and Jessie may be doomed to Partridge Family references, but the comparison is only skin deep – their sophisticated take on homespun indie harmonies are imminently more enjoyable. Elk and Boar are have been invited to play SXSW this year, and are running a Kickstarter campaign to fund the trip. Once you’ve heard their soulful vocal-focused melodies, you may be inclined to contribute.

The matinee series launched in February with Americana acts The Local Strangers and Squirrel Butter. For future shows, they are going to try to present all sorts of styles. Several bands are already confirmed for the spring. Sur isn’t giving anything away yet, but says, “You can expect to see some soul, hip hop, rock n’ roll, and indie rock, along with good ol’ Americana.” The series was organized specifically with families with young children in mind, so in addition to the early hour and low cost, Sur says they aren’t booking extremely loud acts. However, parents might want to invest in some noise blocking headphones for their kids – a strategy he says is very popular at Doe Bay Fest. Noting that they hope to create an atmosphere where children can get excited about and involved in local music, Sur has a final piece of advice, “Parents should have fun and engage their kids in the music – maybe even buy a CD at the show and enjoy the music at home. Perhaps kids can see that music is something that they can discover rather than absorb through the television or radio.”

Elk and Boar

Just the Facts:

Who: Youth Rescue Mission with Elk and Boar

When: 5-8 pm, March 3

Where: Q Café, 3223 15th Avenue West, Seattle, 98119

Tickets: $8 at the door only, children under 10 free

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