The Devil Wears Prada
Last week, we read somewhere that The Devil Wears Prada’s keyboardist was out of the band.

We didn’t care all that much, so we didn’t write about it.

Well, it turns out James Baney’s recent departure was forced on him. He was fired.

“While I appreciate the support, one thing should be cleared up,” Baney writes online.

“Leaving the band was not actually my decision. The other members extended their prayers to my wife and I, however, she was not a factor in the process at all,” says Baney.

“I felt it necessary to deliver her from any prejudice surrounding the departure…but to also clarify that I have no intentions necessarily of staying home for future work. Thanks again for all the continued support.”

I wonder why they fired dude. I though these were nice Christian boys. What gives?

I hate when bands dump someone, and then try to pass it off as though the dude left of his own accord.

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