That’s if you live in North America. If you live in Europe, that shit’ll be out in April.

Vorkreist — a French blackened death metal band, featuring former members of Hell Militia and Secrets of the Moon — will issue their fourth album through Agonia Records.

Vorkreist, which also boasts ex-members of Blacklodge, Diapsiquir, Glorior Belli, Merrimack, and Antaeus, have christened the offering Sigil Whore Christ, and it drops April 24 in Europe and May 22 here, on my home continent.

The album was recorded at Drudenhaus and is described by the band as “catchy as hell, brutal as fuck, and still with this overwhelming feeling of sickness.”

Nice. That’s how I’d describe venereal warts, too.

Sigil Whore Christ will be available as a noble digipack CD, heavy 180-gram black vinyl and limited gold vinyl with red splatter. The first pressing comes with an exclusive poster.

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