That is right, you mutton chops-having motherhumper!

In January, we co-sponsored Hail!Hornet’s first-ever tour. I guess those dudes had a fucking blast, because they’re coming back for seconds.

Hail!Hornet will be touring with Church Of Misery and The Gates Of Slumber — two other awesome bands — starting in late May.

We have those dates for you at the end of this post, playa.

The tour kicks off in Wilmington, North Carolina, on May 28 and ends in Seattle on June 9.

Hail!Hornet tour dates:
5/28: Wilmington, NC @ Soapbox

5/29: Charlotte, NC @ Tremont Music Hall

5/30: Atlanta, GA @ The Earl

5/31: New Orleans, LA @ Siberia

6/1: Austin, TX @ Red 7 (“Chaos In Tejas”)

6/3: Albuquerque, NM @ Launchpad

6/4: Scottsdale, AZ @ Chasers

6/5: Los Angeles, CA @ Satellite

6/6: San Francisco, CA @ Elbo Room

6/8: Portland, OR @ Branx

6/9: Seattle, WA @ Studio Seven

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