Doc Coyle
I was actually talking to Doc Coyle the other day, hours before God Forbid’s new song “Don’t Tell Me What To Dream.” So when the song went up, I was keeping tabs on his Facebook.

Some buttdarts reacted to the new song, suggesting God Forbid has hopped on the djent bandwagon, which I just don’t fucking see at all. That’s my DJ name, by the way: Ent. DJ Ent. I play one song: the theme to “Ghostbusters.” I get lots of work around the holidays, for some reason. The rest of the year? Not so much.

Doc has responded online to these djent claims.

“I’m gonna rant for a minute so bare with me. I think it’s hilarious some people think GF went ‘djent’ on the new album, and that we are trying to cash in on a new style of music,” Doc writes online.

“Here’s why this isn’t true 1.) We aren’t that smart. 2.) We actually do a little thing called WRITING DIFFERENT KINDS OF SONGS. Did you know bands could could do that? Have a ballad and a thrasher on the same album? Not have a formula.

“So for the cheap seats, the new @gforbid album is quite diverse. Please don’t make your mind up yet. FYI, we started using 7 strings on our last album Earthsblood. And ‘DTMWTD’ was inspired by a song my brother wrote called ‘Bat The Angels’ which has a doomy section at the end which is tuned to G. I never even thought of djent but I love a lot of those bands.Just hate when people try to head shrink your song writing.

“Sometimes, something is just groovy and heavy. No need for labels. Last I looked, God Forbid has been that for years,” Coyle writes.

Later, he let out a few more thoughts on the ridiculousness.

“I bet if A Life Once Lost came out today, they would be called a derivative djent band, but they were way ahead of the curve. Get no credit,” he writes. I fully agree.

“If every staccato palm mute chunky part that’s tuned low is now considered pjent,I fucking quit. Can’t own stuff after the fact. I don’t mind if people call it djent. Just don’t say we’re plotting some scheme to stay relevant. A la Diabolus in Musica Slayer.”

God Forbid‘s new album Equilbrium will be released March 26 through Victory.

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