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Wombwrecker Cover Korn Song


So, I awoke this morning to a sore throat. In fact, it’s still sore. I am not sure how this happened, but it did. It feels like someone stabbed me in the back of the throat with fondue fork. It sucks, and basically ruins my plans to see my niece and nephew today.

This has nothing to do with Wombwrecker, and when I reference Wombwrecker, I, of course, am talking about the band, and not the nickname girl’s have given my donger.

What’s the best remedy for a sore throat? Is it lozenges? I guess it depends on the cause. What suggestions might you have for a dude with a sore throat?

So, yeah, Wombwrecker covered Korn’s “Here To Stay,” I’m guessing sarcastically. The version appears on a Tribunal Records cover compilation that comes out next week.

The disc is called Tribunal Records 100: Cover To Cover, and here now for you is that song.