Somebody please drown them

Somebody please drown them
It was back in late October that we first brought you a video from Babymetal, this awful girl group from Japan that my niece would probably love.

I previously ranted about why these girls were a sign of the impending Apocalyspe, so no need to rehash that diatribe. Rather, I warn you.

Yes, I am warning you that on March 7, Babymetal releases a new single called “Like!” — which is the opposite of how I feel about this song.

Hear a snippet at the end of this post, and try not to vomit all over your eyeballs.

The song, a description claims, combines pop with extreme metal guitars, an occasional growl or two and a tinge of hip hop.

Sounds like a formula for horseshit.

And I will remind you once again: If you have even a minor rumbling in your pantaloons whilst watching this video, you may be a pederast, and you might consider getting help for that.

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