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Down Drummer Gets Hitched


Jimmy and Dana
Sorry ladies, but another one has biten the dust.

Down drummer Jimmy Bower’s whoring days are over. The dude made an honest woman out of his best lady friend over the weekend.

Nuptials were exchanged on Saturday in New Orleans between Bower and his misses, Dana Kieferle.

The couple were engaged November 4, and Dana has appeared in a number of horror films with porn film titles, including “Attack of the Cockface Killer” and “Hoodoo for Voodoo.”

Congrats to Jimmy and his lady. We hope it lasts at least two years, if not longer.

And remember, kids: Down have been in the studio in recent months, tracking the first in a series of four EPs, to be released over the next few years.

No word on whether Phil Anselmo spent the entire wedding in the men’s room, offering dudes bumps of coke.