...because Glen isn't this pretty
Destructive, huh? That’s definitely not a word you see people supplement for “Christian” that often.

Yes, folks: Glen Drover is once again speaking out about why he bolted from Megadeth in 2007.

Drover spoke on the matter during a visit to the “Metal Attack MTL” radio show on February 8 during Heavy MTL’s “Battle Of The Bands” event in Montreal, Quebec, Canada; Drover was one of the contest’s esteemed judges.

Drover was asked if he left because he wanted more hang time with the misses.

“No, not necessarily. I mean, it was part of that, but there was a lot of turmoil going on in the band while I was there, and it wasn’t as much fun,” Drover begins.

“See, the first couple of years in Megadeth, it was a lot of fun — it was a very healthy atmosphere — but towards the end it wasn’t, and I think that kind of magnified the fact that I didn’t wanna be a part of that kind of destructive kind of atmosphere, and I wanted to be at home with my family and then stage the next plan of attack for the next project, whatever that may be.”

OK. Thanks for letting us know, Glen. How’d judging that contest go? Better than being in Megadeth? Good.

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