Mark Hunter
So, we’ve kind of poked fun at Chimaira in recent months because of all of these lineup shifts and whatnot. But it never crossed our minds that — were the band to continue — it should operate under a different moniker.

To me, Mark Hunter is Chimaira. If he had left the band, perhaps I get that argument. But otherwise, you’re just dumb.

That’s basically the response Hunter offered to a fan who blasted him for carry on as Chimaira when he’s the sole remaining original member.

“It’s not rly Chimaira anymore,” wrote the dumbass. “Only Mark left and others just carry the bands name, that was made before by others.”

Hunter replied, offering these words.

“Do your homework. Who named band? Who formed it? Who writes the music? Da fuck outtahere.”

Mark Hunter, 1. Dumbass douchey troll dude, Goose egg.

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