Olivia Munn dares you to try and close your eyes
Close Your Eyes have confirmed oodles of speculation singer Shane Raymond made like a tree and fucking left the band.

“Recently, there have been many rumors and assumptions about us due to our cancellation of the Symptoms & Cures tour,” the band starts.

“We regret having to cancel but it was something we needed to do for personal reasons,” the statement continues. “We appreciate the patience and support from all of our fans. Unfortunately, we have to confirm that Shane will be leaving Close Your Eyes.”

OH NO!!! Who cares? Wait — you must! You’re reading this, after all, so you must care somewhat. Which means I must care, too, if I’m writing this. Weird.

“Touring as much as we do with few breaks in between can be difficult on anyone. The fact of the matter is, Shane has had troubles with his voice and vocal performances due to stress and physical strain. Simply put, he can no longer continue being our vocalist.”

OK. That’s cool.

“Touring isn’t for everybody. Some realize it early on, others later. Shane realized he didn’t enjoy touring long ago, but still pursued the road with us despite the mental and physical struggles that came with it,” Close Your Eyes says.

“We love Shane and hope for the best in whatever he does from here on out. We hope all of our fans can understand this difficult decision. We appreciate all of the support over the years and still hope to have continued love and devotion from all of you as we have to you.”

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