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God Forbid’s Doc Coyle Apologizes For Slayer Comment


God Forbid
You know, I didn’t even think what he said about Slayer was so bad, but…that’s just the kind of asshole I am.

God Forbid guitarist Doc Coyle has once again spoken out about allegations lodged at the band by online jabronis that they’d gone djent. He has also apologized, in a way, to Slayer, for writing this: “Just don’t say we’re plotting some scheme to stay relevant. A la Diabolus in Musica Slayer.”

“So I guess my comments about the new God Forbid song went a little viral last week,” Doc starts in a series of online posts.

“The back and forth was very entertaining and interesting,” he adss. “The overall takeaway was ‘Doc Coyle hates djent and Slayer.” Haha. Which obviously isn’t true.

“Communication in this era is complex. My take away is: Don’t make waves if you don’t want to get wet. So I suppose I deserve some blowback for putting myself out there.”

Coyle says he enjoyed and appreciated “the open exchange even if some things I say are misconstrued or misunderstood,” before quoting some numbnuts from ThePeeArePee.

“This was my favorite comment. Nickygods on @theprp – love god forbid!!! can’t wait to read the apology post for the Slayer slam though! I can see it now: ‘Ok ok things got out of hand with this whole djent accusation thing, and when I mentioned slayer it wasn’t to bash them I mean I fucking love slayer, who doesn’t? They are responsible for much of metal and for God Forbid too! hell we have even toured with them on several occasions and they are awesome dudes! I love how people always look for confrontation i assure the fans that was taken out of context.’”

Doc hands it to Nickygods: “This guy apologized to Slayer way better than I can. And yes Kerry King and Dave Lombardo are some super cool guys and legends to boot.”

God Forbid‘s new album Equilibrium is due in stores on March 26.