Bill Travis Mysteries: Slow Falling by George Wier

Anyone who has read the Bill Travis Mysteries or any of George Wier’s novels probably feels like they know the author well enough to be on a first name basis.   “I’d like for my readers to walk away with a feel for who I am, what my values are, my outlook on life, what I’ve seen and what I know.”  Though, at the time, I only knew him from two books and a series of emails,  talking on the phone with him felt like a conversation with a friend.   “Have you gotten to the plot twist yet?” he asks of the second installment of the Bill Travis Mysteries, Capital Offense. He tells me that he won’t ruin it for but assures that Bill’s life is about to get even more eventful, which, I’ll admit, after car chases, shootings, and lots of explosives, I had a hard time envisioning.  He wasn’t lying though.

The Bill Travis Mysteries are a collection of novels based in Wier’s homeland, Austin, Texas. The highly anticipated sixth book, Slow Falling, which will be released on March 10, 2012, manages to combine a mysterious stranger, an inexplicable death, and a nuclear threat.  “A writer can write about places he’s never been or things he’s never seen,” he says, “I find that it’s easier for me to write about the things I have experienced and things I know.”  Fortunately for his readers, Wier is not short on adventure.  He says that he and Bill Travis, whom he refers to as simply, “Bill,”  share a lot of experiences, even some of the dangerous ones.  He quotes friend and fellow author, the late Milton Burton, “I’ve never been convicted of any of my felonies.”  While Wier’s own adventures are far from felonious, they are even further from boring.

Bill Travis’s fans can rest easy knowing that all twenty-one books in the series are titled with completed cover designs.  All Wier has to do is write the stories, which seems to be the easiest and most enjoyable part for him.  He says most of his books have come about that way; he writes the title first and then creates a story around the title, which he metaphorically equates to architecture.  “You figure out the location, lay the foundation, and construct the frame and everything inside and out is formed around that shape.”

Although, at book number six, Wier has fifteen more adventures with Bill Travis, he already has post-series plans.  He’s currently working on a thriller, a sample of which can be found on his website, and you can hear the excitement in his voice when he talks about it.  “I think when I finish it, this one going to be the best thing I’ve written.”    At least two things are certain, a lot of writing and just as much reading, the two things he is always doing.  He reads about 2-3 books a week and always has a number of stories on which he’s always working.  “I’m 47 years old,” he says, “I’d like to think I’ve got at least another 50 books in me in this lifetime.”

Slow Falling will be released on March 10, 2012 and can be purchased at For more information about George Wier and the Bill Travis Mysteries, visit his websites: or

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