Insanity approaches as The Nuclear Cowboyz comes to the Tacoma Dome March 16th and 17th for a story based show featuring freestyle motocross stunts, quad riders, and apparently dancing ladies! Yes, dancing ladies. Not sure how they tie in, but they do somehow.

The commercial on TV shows dirt bikes jumping through flames with fireworks blowing off in the background and it all got me to wondering how do you build a show based on that?

Feld Motor Sports, Inc. (the producer of Nuclear Cowboyz®) describes their show as, “pushes the extreme into the certifiably insane with a futuristic narrative told through more freestyle action…”  That still doesn’t really paint a picture in my mind what this is all about. After going to the Gravedigger Monster Truck show last month and admittedly having a good time, I thought I would look into this show. What I’ve learned so far is that they are very different. Yes, both shows feature machines that run on gas, but that seems to be the only thing they have in common – so far.

To create a show that has substance involving dirt bikes is a tough sell for me. I’m going to paste in here a clip from the press release so you can see how they describe the show:

“Legendary Nuclear Cowboyz FMX tribes, the Soldiers of Havoc and the Metal Mulisha® return for a never-before-seen action-packed event that takes place in the war torn city of Los Angeles during the year 2150.  The tale unfolds as the two tribes’ survival is threatened and besieged by an evil force, The Tempest and her electrifying Cyborg Army. Catapulted into the heart pounding fury and frenzied excitement are the sizzling Nuclear Cowgirlz®, whose allegiance to their tribes only intensifies the Tempest’s rage to destroy the Nuclear Cowboyz. The Soldiers of Havoc and the Metal Mulisha’s battle is fought through fearless freestyle gravity defying stunts, combined with outrageous pyrotechnic and laser displays synchronized to heavy metal, rock alternative and electronic dubstep music.”

Doesn’t that sound just insane? Who thinks this stuff up and who’s crazy enough to get on a dirt bike and do this?

Derek Garland - Stunt Performer

Show performer and motocross star Derek Garland speaks to me about being a stunt rider for the show:

Derek Garland: I started riding dirt bikes when I was little and it sort of progressed as I got older. I got into jumping ramps at 75 feet, and learning how to do back flips – sort of crazy. Just a big adrenaline rush basically.

Allie Hanley: What can someone expect when they come to the Nuclear Cowboyz Show in Tacoma,  and then onto Portland, Ontario, and Mexico City?

DG: The show is incredible. It’s the world’s best freestyle Motocross drivers, there’s twelve of them, two quad drivers, and dancers. The show itself is just an amazing display of choreographed excitement basically. It’s like going to a motorcycle jump show during the Fourth of July. It’s an insane time. Crazy explosions, stuff blowing up, pyrotechnics, girls dancing – sort of the best things in life all-in-one.

AH: So what was it like the first time you did a back-flip on a motor-cycle?

DG: It was nerve racking. It still is even now. I’ve been doing it for about five years. I still get a rush everytime. The first time though was one time to remember. I worked so hard jumping into a foam pit. The first time you land though onto dirt was a rush.

AH: So if something goes wrong during the show what could happen? <Writers note… this rates as the dumbest question I have ever asked.>

DG: We don’t like to talk about it, but if someone goes down bones are gonna break. We ride within inches apart flying through the air. We trust each other and we definitely lay it on the line for the audience.

AH: So how long is the show?

DG: It’s about two hours with a fifteen minute intermission in the middle.

AH: So is there any racing involved?

DG: There’s no racing. It’s all choreographed. It’s just pure entertainment.

AH: Sounds like a lot of adrenaline pumping out there. Is it all men riders or are their some ladies too?

DG: It’s all men riders but there are female dancers… that will fly around and dance. When you see the show it tells a story.

AH: What’s going through your mind twenty minutes before the show?

DG: Well, the first thing is you just want to relax. Confidence plays a big role. You want to clear your mind and think about what you are going to do, and where you want to be. We spent two weeks rehearsing the show before it started just remembering all the patterns.

AH: So if you weren’t doing this for a living what would you be doing?

DG: Ha! That’s a good question. I’d probably be playing in a cover band.

I spoke with Derek for awhile and from how he describes the show I think I better see this to believe it and perhaps have a shot or two of tequila before I walk in.

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For tickets to the remaining shows in Tacoma 03/16 – 03/17, Portland, OR 3/24, Ontario, CA 4/13-4/15, or Mexico City, MX 4/21 – 4/22 click their website. Tickets start at $15 for kids and run upwards of $155 that include posters, autograph sessions, and premium seats.

Sports Nuclear Cowboyz Soars Above The Crowd In Tacoma