The Next Chapter by Bryn T. Jones, Cover Design by Jason Jones

Sal has a problem.  Well, two really.  After spending years dealing with the loss of his wife and daughter in a car accident, his first problem is grief induced writer’s block made worse by the prospect of a deadline looming over his head like a hangman’s noose.  His second problem, is a seemingly innocuous package in his yard with his name on it.  The package contains a story about a girl named Tiffany who was abducted from a local mall and a note, “Write the next chapter in her life or she dies. Her fate is in your hands.”  Also in the package is a plastic bag which smells of formaldehyde and holds a human heart.  More than slightly weirder out by the heart, Sal quickly creates the next chapter of a novel about a teenage girl.  But when fiction quickly becomes fact, and confirmed on the local news, Sal’s problems quickly grow in number and Sal finds himself on the run to save the life of a girl he’s never met and from the police.

Born in Italy, Jones spent his childhood exploring the settings of some of the world’s greatest stories. He began writing in his youth and went on to write screenplays in college.  He has been published by the Discipleship Journal and Focus on the Family’s Breakaway Magazine. He writes Christian horror and suspense novels.

The Next Chapter is Criminal Minds blended with the thrillers of  New York Times best selling author, Ted Dekker.  Bryn T. Jones masterfully weaves together a story about grief, redemption, hope and justice in The Next Chapter. Sal is the perfect protagonist, flawed and relatable and though readers hope to never find themselves in a situation even remotely similar to his, we find ourselves routing for him from the very first world until the final punctuation mark.  Avid readers have, no doubt, encountered many brilliant story tellers but brilliant writers are precious and rare, and Jones is well on his way to becoming one.

I’ve come to mark a good thriller by two qualities: how much sleep I lose trying to finish it and how paranoid I am after finishing it. I remember after I finished Stephen King’s Cujo, my relationship with my neighbor’s dog, of the same name, with whom I had always been somewhat fond of, suffered greatly.  After reading Ted Dekker’s Thr3e, every black car that idled in my vicinity warranted an extra look, immediately after, I made a habit of memorizing their license plates and identifiable characteristics of the driver.  Although, paranoia and sleep deprivation seem like good reasons to avoid a particular genre, I will, without hesitation tell you that the supernatural thriller genre, is without a doubt, my favorite.   After, reading Bryn T. Jones’s latest thriller, The Next Chapter, I can not only add a new book to my favorites shelf but I can also add smelling packages and updating my spyware software to my latest list of literary induced vices.

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