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Gene Hoglan Sitting Out Fear Factory Tour


Gene Hoglan
This is kind of sucky.

Renowned drummer Gene Hoglan has revealed that he will be sitting out Fear Factory’s upcoming tour with Shadows Fall.

“Howdy everybody,” Hoglan writes in a message online. “I hope your New Year’s been treating all of ya right. Mine has, definitely.

“Testament and Anthrax to start the year off? Hell yeah! Real quick though, I must point out that this upcoming Fear Factory run in April through June, I won’t be a part of, but I’m sure who ever they get is gonna kick some ass, absolutely!,” says Gene.

“I’d like to wish them the best on the tour, and I’m sure everyone’s gonna make out just fine.”

I hope Fear Factory doesn’t make out on tour. That would be awkward. And sweaty and hairy.

“I have some extremely exciting things on the go at that same time and I’m sure some announcements are gonna be made here in the next few days to explain a bunch of what’s gonna be happening in ol’ Hog-Land throughout the rest of the year. I wish everybody the best, and I’m stoked to be where I’m at right now.”