Hmm. I didn’t even know there were 1997 demos floating around from Gojira. Anyone hear these bad boys?

Well, anyways, Volcom Entertainment is offering a limited-edition tee shirt and seven-inch vinyl bundle, and that vinyl will feature previously unreleased material from French progressive metal awesomeness Gojira.

The songs on the seven-inch single are called “End Of Time” and “Bleeding” and they have never been officially released.

Both tracks were originally on Gojira’s 1997 Possessed demo when they were still performing under the name Godzilla.

The whole bundle comes in a 12-inch vinyl packaging and is available in all volcom stores in Europe, EMP, Listenable Records and selected music stores or online at VolcomEnt.com.

Here is the song bleeding, to give you some idea of what you’re buying.

Entertainment Gojira Releasing Early 1997 Demos On Vinyl