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Russian Chicks Who Like Metal Are Kind Of Rad, Show Their Boobs


I don't think she is Russian

So, this isn’t news. I’m not sure what it is. Scratch that — I know what this is.

What follows at the end of this post is a fan-filmed clip from Suffocation’s March 7 show in Russia. This video, I’m hoping, will inspire American metal chicks. In fact, I hope this young lass’ courage inspires metal chicks the world over to be more free with their funbags.

At around the 20 second mark, you will see a Russian female Suffocation fan rush to the stage, so she could show Suffocation something they’ve seen a million, gazillion times: Tits.

The girl show’s everyone her good genes, and then returns to the crowd where, I’m sure, she was groped numerous times. Maybe even conked over the head with a bottle of vodka or a lucky polar bear’s paw, and then diddled. And impregnated.

The dude singing is Bill Robinson of Decrepit Birth, who was called on to fill in for Frank Mullen, who couldn’t make the show.