So, today I was rocking some Type O Negative, and I was playing “Black #1” for my lady, and she asked me what the late Peter Steele meant when he said, “Loving you is like loving the dead.”

I had never wondered that. I just assumed it meant loving that particular chick was like being with someone who was dead, because she was emotionless and broken. But really, that lyric is open to all kinds of interpretation.

That has nothing to do with Swedish extreme metal force Implode, who are working on material for their sophomore album. But I was just thinking about Type O.

Honestly, “loving you is like loving the dead” is a great lyric, but means as much to me if good old Pete had sung, “loving you is like shitting on Mars.” It’s one of those lyrics I guess I just thought was awesome, but never related to. Just a thought.

Implode claims the new CD will feature “a far more brutal and aggressive sound” than that on their debut, last year’s The Hour Has Come.

The Hour Has Come was released last May on Supernova Records. Since then, Implode have parted with the label, and are currently seeking a new home for their explosive tunes.

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