Cannibal Corpse
Seriously? A second straight week, and you fucks can’t get your shit together enough to announce another band for the bill?

As you may remember, the Summer Slaughter organizers promised to reveal a band from this summer’s bill every Sunday until the entire lineup was finally unveiled.

Then, they stopped doing that like two weeks ago. Of course, the organizers aren’t explaining what the fuck is going on.

“Guys we want to tell you what’s going on but due to circumstances beyond our control, we’re unable to announce the two bands,” the organizers say on Facebook. Sounds like horseshit to me.

“They will be announced this week though, we promise. I know I know…this sucks… but we promise it’ll be worth the wait!”

Unless they have secured a reunited Quicksand or Godflesh for the tour, it couldn’t possibly be worth it.

“As for the voting contest…Fallujah, Cerebral Bore, and Aegaeon will all be contenders for the opening spot. Who else should be included? We are actually considering letting you guys vote for the 1st and 2nd spots on the tour! All the other 8 bands are confirmed.”

Apparently, the organizers tried to get Spawn of Possession for the bill, “but they aren’t available to come to North America this Summer.”

That would have been rad.

So far, the tour features Cannibal Corpse, Between The Buried And Me, The Faceless, Goatwhore, Veil Of Maya, and Exhumed.

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