Children of Bodom
You know a band’s old — or trying to get out of a contract — when they’re releasing a career retrospective.

Which on is it in the case of Children of Bodom? You tell me. Do you think they have been around long enough for this?

Children Of Bodom are said to be readying a CD/DVD offering, which will look back at their pithy career, called Holiday At Lake Bodom (15 Years Of Wasted Youth).

The release will feature various tracks from throughout Bodom’s illustrious, but short career and also feature two newly-recorded, as-yet unspecified cover songs.

Fifteen years is not that long, dudes. Your career is probably just learning to masturbate. Put it in those terms.

The DVD portion of the offering will feature footage from the band’s world tours over the years, along with the unreleased music video for the song “Shovel Knockout.“

Look for it overseas May 15; no North America date is set yet.

15 Years Of Wasted Youth

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