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I Predict a Riot – Kaiser Chiefs Return to Seattle


“Watching the people get lairy / It’s not very pretty I tell thee / Walking through town is quite scary / It’s not very sensible either / A friend of a friend he got beaten / He looked the wrong way at a policeman…”

If you aren’t already familiar with the Kaiser Chiefs‘ 2005 hit ‘I Predict A Riot’, you’d be forgiven for thinking that it’s a contemporary commentary on the Occupy movement’s grittier moments. They’re a band who’ve always had the ability to sound refreshing and new, even when they’re rehashing the greats of the 70s, and while their star has failed to rise Stateside they’re still considered a national treasure back home in Britain. The fact that they seem to churn out catchy guitar-pop hits at an incredible rate is an added bonus.

Those of you who want to sample their British charm for yourselves will have a chance this Spring, as they bring their latest album – Start The Revolution Without Me – to American shores. The album is a curious one, cobbled together from the UK release The Future Is Medieval, a 20-track album that allowed you to ‘customize’ your own album with your favorite 10 tracks. Over here such hi-tech frivolities have been abandoned in favor of a traditional 13-track release, including exclusive new track (and lead single) ‘On The Run’ – but you can be certain that some of the more obscure tracks will make their way onto the tour’s set list.

As for those classics, recent shows suggest that the Kaisers will be playing plenty of their older hits too, including ‘Everyday I Love You Less And Less’, ‘Ruby’, ‘Modern Way’, ‘Na Na Na Na Naa’, ‘Oh My God’ – and, of course, ‘I Predict A Riot’. If you haven’t seen them live before then expect plenty of energy, a fistful of attitude, and a parade of hits that any band would be proud of. Bear in mind that they’ve supported both Green Day and the Foo Fighters on tour in the past – they may be a British indie band, but the Kaiser Chiefs pack a mean punch.

The Start The Revolution Without Me tour is already underway, and Kaiser Chiefs will play Seattle’s Showbox at the Market on Friday March 23. You can buy tickets here, or visit the Showbox box office.

For a sample of what’s to come, check out this performance of their hit ‘I Predict A Riot’ live in Bucharest: