It was almost a year ago that Infernaeon and former singer Brian Werner parted ways in a bitter, very public separation that led to all kinds of drama, threats of lawsuits, and allegations being flung from both sides.

A few weeks back, Infernaeon’s manager contacted me, asking me if I wanted to talk to someone from the band. At first, I didn’t want to, but really, I have always been curious as to what actually went down.

Infernaeon’s Dave Stein would rather just forget about the whole fucking thing and move on.

“We really don’t want any drama with Brian,” Stein tells Gun Shy Assassin. Stein says that after the band finished a tour with Gwar last year and because of issues the band was having with Prosthetic Records, “Brian decided he was going to quit the band.”

Werner “put out a press release saying he was quitting the band and that was even before he told us. So we were kind of shocked that he was doing all these things, quitting the band and everything, and we were like, ‘Well, if he’s going to pull that shit, we might as well go with it and just continue and get a new singer.’”

The band did, getting singer Eric Rhodes.

“Brian heard that we were going to do that, and he decided he wasn’t going to leave after all and changed his mind, and he was going to commandeer the band, and we didn’t want to go that route,” Stein explains.
“As it stands now, we have nothing bad to say about Brian or his new project Shadow Society,” Stein says. “I wish all those guys the best.”

Right now, Infernaeon are in the studio, working with producer James Murphy on their next album. “We just finished all the drum tracks,” Stein says, adding that the rest of the band would be hitting the studio with Murphy this week to record.

Murphy has “been really great. We banged out the drums in four or five days. The last album, Murphy did the drum tracking, and then we moved to Mana because of scheduling issues. This time, he just banged them out and the drums are just brutal. It’s just really, really brutal compared to the last album.”

Stein says in the year since the fit hit the shan, that the band’s had time to work “on what our sound is with everybody in it, and its coming along really good.”

The band is talking with a number of different labels, and plans to tour once they’ve got something to promote.

Stein then defended the band’s new singer, who has been criticized by fans for looking like…well, a dude who should not be in a blackened death metal band.

“We’ve been getting a lot of shit from our fans because of our new singer, because he has short hair,” Stein says. “Everybody’s like, ‘Look at this short-haired faggot that you hired or whatever.’ Eric is just a brutal singer; we don’t want to just portray ourselves as having some sort of vile image. We are ourselves and the music is all we care about. It was irrelevant to us what our singer looked like.”

Stein says the next album “isn’t going to sound like the typical stuff you hear today,” and promised it would “still be old school, thrashy, and death metal sounding music.”

Of course, I had to ask dude if he’s ever seen a gloryhole while on tour…as I’m want to do.

“I never saw a gloryhole on the road, but I will be on the lookout now,” Stein vowed. “We have seen some pretty nasty women on tour. There are some very nice looking women that like this kind of music but its like they said in Spinal Tap: ‘Its predominantly male dominated.’”

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