You’re in luck!  Tickets are still available for Friday’s Literary Series event at Hugo House.  “The End of the Line,” the last event of the 2011-2012 season, includes commissioned writing from Sam Lipsyte, author of the New York Times best-selling The Ask; poet and National Book Award finalist Ben Lerner; and acclaimed memoirist Suzanne Morrison with new music by Tomo Nakayama of Grand Hallway.

I met Sam Lipsyte a few years ago and he told me a story where he read at an event in Seattle and invited people out after. He was dismayed when no one stayed. I hope you’ll help me and Hugo House change his experience of Seattle’s lit scene by coming out on Friday to toast Lipsyte and his work!

Lipsyte, Lerner, Morrison, Nakayama will debut new work in response to the following theme:

Sometimes the end of the line is easy to identify: the last station on the railway; a dying man’s final breath; “Going Out of Business” on the front door. But other endings are harder to define—are the effects of global warming still reversible? Will we recover from the current economic crisis? Can this troubled relationship be saved? Or in all these instances have we already crossed some invisible line that can’t be uncrossed? What does the end of the line look like, anyway? And how will we know it when we get there?

Hugo Literary Series tickets for The End of the Line are on sale through, by calling (206) 322-7030 or at Hugo House’s front desk during business hours. Tickets are $25, $20 for members and $15 for students and seniors. Details at or call (206) 322-7030. Presenting sponsor:

Culture Hugo House Literary Series features Lipsyte, Morrison and Lerner