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Lamb Of God, DevilDriver Offshoot Gets Name, Free Songs Available


Dez did this
We have known for a few months now that Mark Morton of Lamb of God has been working with DevilDriver’s Dez Farfara. Now, we know that project’s name.

Born of the Storm is the moniker, and fuck me with a Wii remote if I don’t love it. I think that’s an awesome name, and look forward to learning its origins.

You can download two songs from the band — for free, and totally legally, so don’t fret — here and here.

The first song is called “Dust,” and the second is “Nowhere Fast.”

Download, listen, and hit us up on Facebook and let us know what you think of ‘em.

According to Morton, Kevin Talley of Chimåirå fame played drums on the tracks, and Morton was all over that bass,

“Nowhere Fast” features a guest appearance by Ryan Lake of Alabama Thunderpussy, playing the song’s first guitar solo.