Sophie Turner doesn't like video games
Oh, Sleeper have a new iPhone/iPod Touch game available called “Stand Your Ground.” Fuck you, Oh, Sleeper — got something against Android people?

The game will be available through the App Store on March 20.

A press release claims the game is a “side-scrolling arcade-style game” that “focuses on the character of Gage Ryan, a warrior dispatched to lead an army against the forces of savage darkness in a barren post-apocalyptic Earth.

“Players will fight through multiple levels of challenging enemy forces and strongholds, earning resources along the way which can be used to summon allies and more,” says the press release.

Maybe that’s what the Gun Shy Assassin App could be — a lame side-scrolling game that has nothing to do with this site. Maybe it’ll be me hunting down lame bands and killing them with either crab forks or pizza cutters.

“Complete with a deep storyline and a rich cast of characters, ‘Stand Your Ground’ will appeal to fans of games like Swords and Soldiers, Plants vs Zombies, Patapon, and even Golden Axe.”

Says frontman Micah Kinard: “We are so pumped to release this project to the masses. This adventure allows the gamer to step into the boots of a warrior, pick up his axe, and traverse through the storyline of our latest album, Children of Fire. We are always looking for ways to allow our listeners to delve deeper into our concepts and we think ‘Stand Your Ground‘ is the perfect way to do this. Plus, who doesn’t love video games!?”

Chicks. Cats. Priests. I can think of a few.

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