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Strife To Resume Recording This Week


Did you just call me a honky? I’m thinking you did, which isn’t cool.

Anyways, I’m moving on. You can’t change a leopard’s old tricks. So, Strife will be heading back to the studio this week.

Why? To continue recording songs for their forthcoming new album, that’s why!

Early sessions for the disc recently took place in Brazil with Igor Cavalera of the Cavalera Conspiracy tackling drums for it.

Igor tracked drums for a total of 16 songs and now, the rest of the band will lay down their parts at Blood Tracks Studio and Sunset Lodge in Los Angeles.

Terror drummer Nick Jett will be handling production for the sessions. The band hope to have the record tracked before the end of April.

“The album is about halfway done, and we couldn’t be more excited,” says guitarist Andrew Kline.

“Igor absolutely killed the drum tracks. He played a lot more straight forward then he normally does to fit our style, and then added the right fills and touches to really stand out,” Kline says.