Gee — thanks for giving me permission, TesseracT. You shouldn’t have. Really.

I have never understood why other sites blow TesseracT’s nuts so hard, because quite frankly, I’d rather hear the sound of my own neck breaking than listen to these overblown hacks.

Yes, I agree they are probably good musicians, but when I saw them open for Devin Townsend, and every time I have heard them since, I’ve thought, “OK, so, maybe they can play…but they play shitty songs.” There is nothing spectacular about this band. Seriously.

In a lengthy explanation on Facebook, TesseracT fired back at their critics, who have slammed the band for its forthcoming acoustic EP, Perspective, which Century Media will release in May.

“It is worth noting that everyone is entitled to their opinion, and that is a beautiful thing that should stand above all others. But, here are the facts from TesseracT‘s point of view as there appears to be some confusion over the issue of our next release,” the statement starts.

“We feel too much has been read into this release, perhaps? Or that too little has been read, maybe?
We are releasing this EP because it has been scheduled to be released for 12 months now. It would be fair to say that we have been very open about the release of an acoustic inspired EP as part of the first album campaign ever since we decided upon the idea a year ago. Which incidentally was also before the release of One.

“We then performed the acoustic session this EP is based on in NYC with Metal Injection in April or May last year. But, as we were on tour for most of last year December/January ended up being the first time we had to finish the EP. And due to release schedules at our label being what they are, it normally takes 3-6 months between completion and release.

“Yes, we’re recording new material for the new album. We’ll no doubt release one track off this in the summer or autumn before the release. The new album will be finished this year. And released either this autumn or early next year depending upon CMs release schedule of which we have no power over, sorry. And really 12-18 months should be a good album campaign.

“Currently we’re at about 11 months since the release of One, and 18 months after the very limited edition US only release of the EP Concealing Fate, which was only to be sold during our first North American tour with DTP. But, life is what it is, and we have been forced to push things forward because of the line up change imposed upon us. Please understand however, we will not rush any release.

“It’s cool if you don’t dig the EP, as it’s not anything like our previous sound, and that is something that we’re really excited about. We LOVE to experiment, and accept that sometimes this may not be to everyone’s liking. Life would be very boring if we gave everyone what they felt they wanted, however. So, we’ll continue to do what we feel we do best. Which to some degree is tantamount to audio exploration.

“However, the EP is not an indication of new material in anyway. And none of the songs will appear on the next album. It’s an EP of an acoustic session we once did. That is all. An EP that our fans asked to be officially released. We’re certain we made this very clear. It also features the current members of the band, performing each song in their own way and produced to sound the way that we feel is best.

It’s been both wonderful and frustrating to see the passionate responses. We do however love that it has sparked such an emotion from everyone. Please do remember that your judgements are being made from small clips. It’s a very different approach to create fire and passion in the ‘acoustic’ setting. One that takes a whole song to do, in our opinion.”


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