Aaron Goodwin, Zak Baggins, Nick Groff in front of the Peabody-Whitehead Mansion.

Travel Channel’s hit show Ghost Adventures is now heading into its sixth season starting this Friday (March 9th) at 9:00pm EST.

Kicking off the new season is an investigation at Denver’s historically haunted Peabody-Whitehead mansion. Built in 1889, its first owner Dr. William R. Whitehead was convinced the building was plagued by the spirits of hundreds of soldiers he tried to save from his days as a surgeon for the Confederate Army during The Civil War. USC fighter Brendan Schaub joins the team hoping to shed some light on the evil entities thought to exist in this location.

Who would have thought the sometimes overly dramatic Zak Bagans paired up with the more even keeled co-host Nick Groff would have made it to six seasons? The show’s formula and talents’ on-camera chemistry are testament to its continued success on The Travel Channel. Just last year there were at least eight other shows with similar formats. The triple threat team including Aaron Goodwin – who is often described as “equipment technician,” but really serves a dual purpose as guinea pig and scape-goat in the adventurous investigations – keeps plugging away at providing entertaining and historically interesting shows.

Zak Baggins

Allie Hanley: Hi guys, can you touch on a couple highlights for the upcoming season?

Zak Bagans: We had the lead singer for Motley Crue, Vince Neal. Vince was a guest investigator recently in our Las Vegas episode. We investigated the Riviera Hotel about a week ago and we investigated Frank Sinatra’s old suite.

And the Riviera’s the oldest standing hotel still on the main part of the Las Vegas strip – not in downtown – but it was built in 1955 and it’s still one of the original ones that hasn’t been imploded yet.

And we did an investigation there. They opened up the doors which is very very uncommon for a casino resort that is still in operation to allow us to investigate and they let us do that.

And we investigated Frank Sinatra’s old suite. We had Frank Sinatra’s old pianist who played his old private parties come in and play the piano. We had Vince Neal bring in a whole entourage of girls. Frank Sinatra would have loved that. And we also brought in a World Series of Poker 2008 Star who won 12 million dollars, Jamie Gold.

And we threw our own Vegas party with who Frank would have bring brought in, And to be honest with you, once everybody got in there we thought it was just going to be – you know [a regular party], we didn’t know how this was going to go, and then things got really serious after about an hour!

AH: Have you guys changed up the show format at all?

ZB: Well, I think what we’ve done is we show more of the debunking process. You know, in the first Season 1, Season 2, Season 3 we were still learning obviously. Here we are six years now.

And we did debunk in the earlier seasons. We didn’t really show it but now that we’ve grown in investigating we’ve become better at it and you’ve got to remember we use the word unexplained a lot.

So when you see us capture unexplained voices, you know, unexplained this or that, we’re not always tagging it as a ghost. We’re tagging that as we are in the dark and we don’t know what made the noise. Yes, we jumped, it startled us, but it was unexplained.

However, some of the voices [found and recorded with] the new, higher levels of equipment are getting valid paranormal evidence. [As in] The spirit communication you’ll see in this Friday’s episode with Brendan Shaw where a spirit was telling us about a rape/murder that they witnessed back in the 1970’s, even telling us where the body is buried in the house. And that evidence was shared with the Denver police department and they are now interested in reopening the cold case file.

AH: How has your investigating changed from Season 1 and 2 and now having more unusual and more powerful equipment with your new Season 6 of Ghost Adventures?

ZB: Better evidence. Nick and Aaron?

Nick Groff

Nick Groff: Yes, I agree. I think, you know, we’re the same three guys that you saw in the beginning when we started our documentary Ghost Adventures; But that was years ago.

Everybody grows into their process and into their own feet and I think we’re more knowledgeable and we have a better understanding of the paranormal now.

So I think the more equipment and the more scientific we’re getting, [along with] developing with science is getting us very close to,  almost getting to the point where we’re communication strictly with a spirit on the other side.

We’ve been using the spirit box a lot. We’re having live conversations back and forth. It’s just very interesting how we’ve developed and are gearing into this fully functioning live sessions rather than capturing something and analyzing later.

We’re almost like speaking intelligently live back and forth with the other side or whatever realm we’re talking with. It’s intriguing more or less so we’ve grown in that aspect but at the end of the day we’re still the three same guys investigating the paranormal and the unexplained.

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Aaron Goodwin, Zak Baggins, Nick Groff

Ghost Adventures stands out as the ghost investigating show that takes it’s time compiling and then delivering compelling evidence that tie into the back stories of the locations they investigate. Daring show host Zak really goes out of his way to be theatrical and at the same time antagonistic to the spirits which creates a lot of drama for this reality based show. I would imagine that there are hours of video footage that gets cut on the editing floor to make this show pop like it does. Zak’s drama is good for the show but it also plays a key function in “provoking of the spirits.” The amount of evidence they compile in comparison to other shows is staggering and some would say suspect but in all fairness these guys really go the extra mile and put in a lot of hours using the best equipment to deliver not only compelling but good quality evidence. With the show focusing more on debunking this season we will have to see if it plays out well to fans as well as drawing in more skeptics. At this point though, I doubt the guys care if you believe in it or not, as they are way past the point of no return.

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You can find out more about the guys at their website for Ghost Adventures Crew.

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