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Comedian’s comedian Eddie Pepitone spent an inordinate amount of time with a documentary crew in the fall of two thousand and eleven. The result is this:

It’s an inside look at the life of an aging comic who’s finally getting some recognition. Recognition, and esteem from some of the preeminent voices in alternative comedy. A fringe benefit of the documentary footage was also the recording of Eddie’s first stand-up album, A Great Stillness. (One of the best comedy albums of the year, certainly the best Eddie Pepitone album of the year.)

The Bitter Buddha, directed by Steven Feinartz, stars Pepitone, Sarah Silverman, and Zach Galifianakis. There are a cavalcade of additional comics who appear in the film: Patton Oswalt, Todd Barry, Dana Gould, Paul F. Tompkins, and Marc Maron to name just a few. It seems clear that the funny people think Pepitone is funny. And he is. Trust me.

If you live in Los Angeles you have the chance to see Eddie perform on a regular basis as he rails against the Wall Street guys, the economy, and his love of squirrels at the many comedy rooms around town. If you are a Seattlite or a San Franciscan you can catch him performing March 21st in Seattle at Laff Hole at Chop Suey, or March 23rd and 24th he’ll be headlining at Punchline in San Fransisco.

This teaser is all we get for now. They are shopping for distribution. Perhaps film festival audiences will get there first. Keep your eyes open for screenings, and if Eddie comes to your town, trust me, you could do much worse.

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