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Motley Crue, Kiss Planning U.S. Trek


Motley Crue
Oh boy. Wow. I can hardly wait. There are no two bands I’d rather see, and see together, than Motley Crue and Kiss.

OK, maybe I’m flat-out fibbing. But who cares what some jerk-off in New York thinks about Kiss and Motley Crue touring…see, the thing is, if you pre-empt the backlash, it throws ‘em off.

Motley Crue frontdude Vince Neil has revealed to the Las Vegas Sun, as he’s want to do, that the band will be co-headlining a run of U.S. shows. This summer, folks. An official announcement is coming next week.

Why would these two bands tour? Because old people need to go see something every summer.

“It’s going to be really cool because Kiss is bringing their full stage show, and Motley will be bringing our full stage show, so you are going to see two huge headliners at the same time,” says Vince.

“It’s going to be one of the biggest tours of the summer, if not the biggest,” Vince further boasted.

What are the odds of that, though? I guess no one told Vince about Summer Slaughter.