Pig Destroyer

Pig Destroyer

That’s the hot rumor of the moment. God, I hope it’s true, but something tells me it isn’t.

The rumored split will allegedly features songs recorded some six years ago during Pig Destroyer’s Terrifyer sessions, and during the tracking of Black Dahlia Murder’s Miasma.

The six-song split will apparently consist of punk covers, but precious few details are actually available; a release through Relapse is anticipated.

This is good news. While we have gotten new Black Dahlia within the last year, we have not heard anything new from Pig Destroyer (the inspiration behind this site’s name) in what feels like a king’s age.

I am rabid for new Pig Destroyer. For years, we’ve been hearing “This is the year” — the year that Pig Destroyer will issue a new record. And year in and year out, I have been as disappointed as a frustrated virgin who can’t manage wood.

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