The Melvins

The Melvins
That is kind of totally rad and phat. It’s phad, even.

Dale Crover — drummer for The Melvins — tells Metal Sucks that the band have tracked some Venom tunes. But not just any Venom tunes.

“We’ve recorded some Venom songs, with Scott Kelly from Neurosis singing and playing guitar,” Crover says.

Excuse me? That’s fucking buck nutty. How is it possible? The universe might implode from how awesome these cuts are likely to be.

Crover also claims a Melvins Lite tour will happen “next year” and that the band and Matt Lukin (I think) recorded “some new stuff…that will eventually be out. We just did four songs so it’ll just be an EP.”

He added: “We’ve recorded a Roxy Music song with Jello Biafra with our old bass player Kevin [Rutmanis] playing. We just recorded some Queen songs with a friend of ours, Caleb, who’s in a band called Tweak Bird. We have a bunch of things planned along those lines. Some are not done yet, I won’t jinx it. We’re doing lots of things like that, lots of releases coming in the next few years.”

You can find out about the Melvins’ free EP (now available) here, and the Melvins Lite’s Freak Puke here.

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