In the 1992 presidential campaign, James Carville’s motivational meme “It’s the economy, stupid.” perfectly encapsulated the key issue of the election. In 2012 "It's unsustainable, tuip". You may not like the Romney/Ryan plans for dealing with our unsustainable spending, debt and entitlements, but at least it is a substantive plan and they are willing to talk about it during this campaign. If the Democrats and the Obama administration have a sustainable fiscal plan for the United States government I don’t know what it is, and they sure seem reluctant to talk about putting anything meaningful on the table. The easiest thing for the President to do would be to embrace the Simpson-Bowles plan. It was his commission. It was his idea. If the 2012 presidential election comes down to a choice between a candidate with a serious plan to get us out of this morass vs. a candidate that appears to ignore it - the man with the plan wins.

Slayer are willing to sell you anything.

Don’t be surprised. Dudes gotta retire at some point, and there are probably medical considerations (and bills, probably) to consider (and pay).

So far, Slayer have tried to sell us rings and candy and jimmy caps.

Now, there’s a Slayer woven tapestry blanket for you suckers to spend your hard-earned dough on. And some new Slayer socks.

I feel like Slayer need to stop. Like, soon. Because really, what’s next? Will Tom Araya get his own reality show on Bravo? Are Slayer coffins imminent?

The transformation has begun. Slayer are slowly turning into Kiss as they get older, and quite frankly, Kiss are beyond shameless.

I’ve gotta ask Slayer — is that how you want people to remember you, as shameless, money-grubbing old dudes trying to cash in like Walter White pushing that crank?

I’m holding out for the Slayer Snuggie.

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