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Entombed Sign With Ninetone


That’s right, folks.

Threeman Recordings, which is owned and run by members of Entombed, has launched a new collaboration with Ninetone Records.

No more information has been released yet about this collaboration, but news about the first release from this union will follow soon.

The band’s last album, Serpent Saints – The Ten Amendments, was released in the U.S. in 2007 through Candlelight/Threeman Recordings.

The 10-song effort marked the group’s first release with drummer Olle Dahlstedt, who replaced Peter Stjärnvind in 2006. Mastering duties were handled by Soren Elofsson at Cosmos Mastering in Stockholm, Sweden.

I’m glad to know there is new Entombed on the way.

Fucking Entombed, y’all. Shit’s dope.