Lykathea Aflame
Lykathea Aflame

A tipster reminded us this week of Lykathea Aflame, an awesome band we haven’t listened to in years.

This tipster has informed us that Lykathea Aflame may or may not be recording now under the name Lykathe’ and that there is a new album on the way from a new lineup. We have no reason not to believe this information.

I suppose this tipster was hoping we would know more, but we don’t.

I also supposed this tipster was hoping we would be able to do some digging, which we did. But hard answers are no where to be found.

Either way, it provides an excellent excuse to post an awesome Lykathea Aflame track.

If you dig Nile and early Cryptopsy, you should know about this band.

Listen to the track, and tell us on Facebook how awesome we are for introducing you to another band that kicks balls.

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