Community is back! Judging by the numbers, It’ll be back for a while. (The recommended feeling is guarded optimism.) In this episode Shirley goes into business with Pierce, Then her ex husband Andre (Malcolm-Jamal Warner) proposes. Annie is giddy, Jeff and Britta are annoyed because of their mutual disdain for the institution of marriage, and Troy and Abed try to shelve their weirdness for the duration of Shirley’s wedding, as a gift. (More on that in a minute.)

A lot was riding on the success of this episode. Shows like community are kind of doomed. They’re just too weird. I like weird. So do you, if you are reading this. A lot of people don’t though. Name your five favorite weird shows that didn’t have a snowball’s chance. Get a Life, Arrested Development, Stargate Universe, Carnival, Firefly, Dollhouse- [any future Joss Whedon show]… you get what I’m saying. Community is weird. That’s what this episode was about. Shirley’s wedding was the misdirect. Troy and Abed’s story was the meat of it.

“We de-whimsified ourselves. We’re normal now.” Troy and Abed decide to purge themselves of weirdness for Shirley’s wedding. They can’t really do it, but they try. It’s tragic. It’s a not-so-subtle commentary on what the show is up against. Troy and Abed are full of lines like that in this episode. Later, commenting on Jeff and Britta’s almost fight-wedding, they say, “There are a lot of layers to this. It’s almost too conceptual, but I love them.” Every Community fan winked at their TVs in unison just then. Thing is, they just can’t do it. That’s the moment of victory. When [SPOILER] Troy hits Abed with the Inspector Spacetime play, Abed gives in, and we’re all glad.

Community is still Community. It’s weird and funny just how you want it to be. Let’s hope it lasts.

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