And no, that’s not another, more scientific name for The Clap. It is actually a quite serious infection, so feel bad for this dude. He is in some sad shape.

An update on DevilDriver bassist Aaron “Bubble” Patrick’s condition was posted online by his mother, Jane.

“Here is the latest situation on Aaron as of this morning. The Streptococcus pneumonia has damaged Aaron‘s liver, kidneys and bone marrow. He has been able to cough up a fair amount of infection, but his lungs are still very full,” she writes.

“Along with the pneumonia there have also been a series of side effects that are taking a toll on his body. A horrible case of Pancreatitis has developed, which caused his fever to persist. He is still dependent on oxygen and cannot be released until he can breathe sufficiently and the oxygen is not required.

“So now his release date may be pushed back until early next week, March 20? Then he must rest at least a week before getting on a plane, as the lungs cannot take the pressure. I am hoping to get him home on a non-stop flight around the 30th of March. He will have to again rest for weeks. The doctor told me it was touch and go before I got here. We are hopeful for release early next week. Prayers please!”

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