Jungle Rot
Last June, Jungle Rot released Kill On Command, the Wisconsin death metal band’s seventh studio offering and first to be issued as part of a new partnership with Victory Records.

I recently spoke with Dave Matrise — the band’s frontman — as Jungle Rot were arriving in West Virginia for the first date on their current tour with Deicide, and Matrise couldn’t sound more inspired.

Dave says the new deal with Victory has renewed Jungle Rot’s spirit. It has inspired them to already start writing crushing material for their second album for the label (the band signed a three-record deal and, being one of Victory’s only death metal bands, have become a priority, Matrise said).

“It’s a great feeling,” Matrise said. “It’s such a good feeling to have someone behind us. It just makes it fun again for us. I’m finally having fun! It’s been such a battle, man — being in a band. What we sacrifice and what we do is just to continue.”

Dave says the next Jungle Rot album should be out in early 2013, and that the band will keep on touring through this year.

“We have to keep on rolling — that’s what its all about,” Dave says. So, what will the new album sound like?

“If you know Jungle Rot, you know what you’re getting: meat and potatoes death metal,” Dave says. “We are the last of a dying breed, and we need to keep this fight going. There is a demand for this kind of music as much as any other, and we are here to keep going.”

Dave says that usually, when he writes new music, he can’t tell if he’s got gold until someone else hears what he’s come up with and verifies it’s good.

“These songs, I know,” says Dave. “We have had the same lineup for a while, and we are finally figuring it out. We’ve finally hit our stride; it took us a while, but we did it.”

When Dave isn’t writing death metal, he tells Gun Shy Assassin he loves to hunt. In fact, for scratch, the dude actually guides hunters to game.

“My main priority in life for my job: I take people hunting,” he says. “I have four labradors; I do a lot of pheasant and duck. I do deer and bear. I take quite a few clients hunting and I am always working around that schedule; I do this on the side.”

Dave says he lives in a log cabin, and has many of his big catches mounted and on display in his home.

“I got a bear, a deer, a turkey, a coyote,” he says. “Fortunately, my wife is cool with it.”

She sounds like a keeper, dude.

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