"Do no disturb. I'm in my happy place."

Congratulations!!  You made it through winter and today is the first day of spring.  While, for most people that means better weather, April Showers, May Flowers, and a whole host of bugs who are more than eager to make their home in your house, for the people fortunate enough to live within driving distance of a Rita’s, this means a cup of free water ice.  For those of you who are unaware, water ice, also known as Italian ice, or, if you’re from Philly,  wooder ice, is like a snow cone but made with a little more skill and a lot more love.    I try to be in Philly every year for the first day of spring and  judging by the lines,  red and white striped cups, and all the  red stained teeth that I see, I  know I’m not alone.

They say that how you feel when the clock strikes midnight on New Years is a precursor to how you’ll feel all year. For over 19 years Rita’s, whose motto is, “Ice, Custard, Happiness,” has been taking this philosophy to spring time.  While, it is highly unlikely that any Rita’s location would so zealous in their celebration as to open their windows at midnight, they believe in starting the season with happiness and what better to be happy than with a cup full of free water ice.

Rita’s festivities will occur March 20, 2012 from noon until 9:00 PM, at all open locations.  Last year, Rita’s gave away over 1.2 millions cups of water ice, so while they’re probably prepared and fully stocked for the give away, it isn’t advisable that you get your cup at 8:58.  I don’t understand how you could wait that long anyway.  For more information and to find the Rita’s closest to you, visit http://www.ritasice.com.


Food Rita's Celebrates First Day of Spring with Free Water Ice