Hell Militia
I’m not familiar with French black metal act Hell Militia, but judging on their press photo, I will probably love them.

Hell Militia have signed a new deal with Season Of Mist, which makes sense. I mean, look at those dudes!

The band will release its third album in late 2012 through the French label’s Underground Activist division.

“Hell Militia are really enthusiastic about that new signing with Season Of Mist,” the band said in a statement.

“We join many of our comrades and have known some of the Season Of Mist guys for quite a long time so it had to happen someday. There has been a lot of work on the new album, and it was composed in a very special way, far from everything, and even now we are still hard at work on the mix. We can’t wait to have the final result in our fucking hands, for sure the sickest opus of Hell Militia.”

Bring it.

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